For this session I had:

  • Usability testing script (the same example I use at work as well, which is made by Steve Krug’s instructions in “Rocket Surgery Made Easy”
  • Scenario with 3 tasks
  • Consent form

Here are the notes from the usability testing session I did for the existing app:

Round Trip (Aer Lingus)

  • Uses SkyScanner mostly to search for the flights because she has wider picture 
  • Didn’t do multi-city trips so far 
  • Uses desktop version when searching for the flight because has more info and can open more tabs if wants to search for more flights at once 
  • Likes the fact that she can see prices for more days at once even on the mobile app 
  • When booking the flight, she takes the basic/cheapest option 
  • Doesn’t really like the fact that she has to put all her personal details  
  • Hates dark patterns (tick the box if you don’t want to receive)
    “I hate when they do this! Like, you’re supposed to tick the box if you WANT TO receive, not the other way around! That’s a tricky one” 
  • Doesn’t see the reason to give her phone number because they never contact her via phone 
  • “Why do I have to select the tittle? Why do you need the title? Doctor??” 
  • Would pick the seat only on long destinations, not for the 2 hour flight 
  • “I would remove the phone number and the title” 
  • Likes the “take me anywhere” option on SkyScanner 
  • Would like to have an info for the dates when there are no flights

Multi-City Trip (SkyScanner)

  • Would use SkySCanner for multi-city trip 
  • Would prefer to take direct flight rather than stop-over, even if it would be more expensive
  • Likes the monthly view with prices
  • Likes the fact that she can choose between different airports in one city 
Usability Testing Session
Usability testing session – click on the image to check the entire video


There are also some other important key insight from usability testing sessions conducted by André, that also gave us a great wind in the back to finally start with prototype that will actually fix at least some of the issues mentioned below:

    • Trial/error to find the best price.
    • Struggle with complex/unnecessary input fields.
    • Multi-trip search requires memorization, trial/error.
    • Frustrated when the company tries to force extras.
    • Confusion with price system.
    • Can’t book multi-city on app.
    • You can select dates with no flights.
    • Trial/error to search for best prices.
    • Can’t edit details later.
    • Seat selection isn’t clear.
    • Confusing fields (title / phone).
Empathy Map