We published the survey on the 27th of November after which we received 32 responses in total, and 26 responses from additional survey we published on 30th of November.

After taking down our survey, we had a lot of data to sort through. But luckily, we used Google Forms to create our survey, so they quickly turned the answers received into pie-charts and the qualitative answers into horizontal lines.


A key insights from our surveys were:

  • 87% flight cost as a priority


  • 68% books the flight via airline app

Booking the flight

  • 60% have done multiple destination trips

Multi city

  • 43% searching multi-trip tickets is moderate

Possible solution: simplify the flow by removing the frictions (eg. why couldn’t they just add the flight if they want more than one destination, rather than having a separate option for round trip and multi city trip)


  • 57.9% – visit 2 destinations in their multi city trips

Possible solution: give the user the easiest way to select at least 2 destinations


  • 90% has a price as their main priority

Possible solution: highlight the cheapest flights and give the user the option to choose


  • 90% are flexible with order in which they visit destinations

Possible solution: show destinations in the order that gives the user the best price


  • 90% are flexible with dates 

Possible solution: show more dates apart from chosen ones, with the best prices for chosen destinations


This helped us to have a better insight into our user’s needs and see their priorities. It will allow us to run the design in a way more convenient for a user and hopefully fulfill all of our user’s needs.

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