Recommendation no.1

“I worked with Valentina on several projects for eCommerce Hrvatska, during which she has show great talent for UX design and admirable dedication that you don’t see that often in people. She helped me with conducting UX research among Croatian E-Commerce sites, managing Adwords campaigns and creating stunning visuals in Photoshop for our clients. In addition, she is a very lovely person that is always ready to help. I would love to work with her some day again.”

—- Marcel Majsan, CEO @ eCommerce Croatia


Recommendation no.2

“I had the pleasure to work with Valentina during the Home Buying Experience project for AIB Bank. From the first day she entered the project team she was able to contribute with great and well-founded insights, being a great asset for us deliver world-class digital experiences. She excels in her craft and ensures that what is delivered is of high user experience and visual quality. I would highly recommend her for any customer driven work environment.”

—- Salome Santamaria, Senior Service Designer @ Nordea


Recommendation no.3

“Valentina is a skilful and artistic designer. She brings flair and simplicity to the most demanding of projects. She always designs with a deep compassion for the user. She is industrious, beats deadlines and is generous with her time and talent. Her warm personality makes her a positive influence on any situation.”

—- Greg Kavanagh, Founder @ An Economy of Truth