Smart Art Photography

Smart Art Photography is a company owned by a young ambitious girl Mia Sinovcic. She simply enjoys the photography in every single way, so after meeting her I can say that photography is both job and a hobby for her. She hired me to create a commercial website from the scratch and to do the design for the business cards, so my role on this project was web designer, graphic designer and UX designer.

The thing that I liked the most about this project and about Mia was the fact that she was so decisive and she knew exactly what she wants, which made my job much easier. It was just two of us on this project, and most of the time we communicated via Skype and/or did sharing screens via Team Viewer. Entire website was built in WordPress, so she can easily modify content in the future. All of my activities, her requirements and notes were stored in Google Sheets, which made our collaboration even easier.

This website should be like a studio visit, an opportunity for people to see all her artwork and learn about her as an artist. The main difference between an artist website and a studio visit is, of course, that the website is always open and anyone from anywhere in the world can come in.

For the start, she wanted to make a special first impression on all the page visitors. I suggested putting the splash screen home page, with her business card in the centre. She can also easily change the background if she wants, and in that way customize the look and feel of the homepage. 

Splash Page with her business card in the middle of the screen


As every photographer, Mia also had a great collection of all her work and she wanted to display that in the best possible way.
I suggested that we use galleries which can be grouped in different groups – like a portfolio. So we decided to create a separate category for:

  • Photography – Villas & Swimming Pools,
  • Photography – Interior and Exterior
  • Decorations – Interior and Exterior
  • Redesign – Interior and Exterior
Home page with different photo galleries


It will also be very easy for Mia to maintain the galleries and to upload or remove the photos whenever she wants. 

We also agreed to create a separate menu item just for galleries, which in the end looked amazing and users really liked the idea that they can randomly browse through all her works. I decided to put the protection on the photos, so nobody can redistribute or steal them.

Gallery with all the best Mia’s work


For the price list section, I decided to write a few short captivating descriptions and informative specifications, so the reader will know exactly what’s included in each pricing package. Every package had a separate Call-To-Action button which made it extra easy to  book Mia’s service.



And in the end, what would be a good artist website without proper references. This was the section where Mia wanted to list all her clients and work she did for them.

We sorted them in separate groups with client names, and users found it really easy to navigate.

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