Croatia Dream

I’m going to explain this using an example of my work after doing a redesign for a website for the travel agency “Croatia Dream” in Croatia.
When I accepted this project, I got the list of the requirements that had to be done. In order to start with my work, I had to do a complete research with the existing page. The most important question that I wanted an answer on was why did they decide to close their session after certain pages. Using Google Analytics, I found out where the drop-off points were, which was related with the absence of informations that weren’t provided on the page. On some of the pages, certain tours didn’t contain a clear Call-To-Action button after the entire description – instead it was hidden at the end of the content and not highlighted at all. I decided to move it to the top and use one of the nice brand colours to make it more visible for a user. After this change, I decided to do A/B testing on two colors, green and orange and see what users prefer. Turned out they liked the orange one more so I made them all orange with the clear label “Book this tour”.
I also found out where most of the users clicked, and what they found as interesting, so I decided to create a separate menu item for each one of the pages that were shown in the report. Also, I noticed that the page had a significant rise of the traffic when travel agency had promotion. My  background in marketing came in handy here, as I suggested them to do the promotion during the days when the traffic on the website is low.
In the end, I wanted to make things right regarding the navigation menu, so I did several sessions with card sorting. I gave different cards with subcategories names to each participant and suggested to put them in the groups. After that they had to give the name for the each group created, which I used for menu item. That was an amazing workshop with lots of feedback, where I could see how do people actually think and what makes sense for them.

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