Positioning Innovation Map

Even though there is a huge area to cover in either evolutionary or revolutionary square for existing and new offerings, Aer Lingus seems to sit on the edge – even behind his big Irish competitor RyanAir.

Competitor Analysis
Competitor Analysis – Positioning Innovation Map



Detailed analysis of KLM shown below, click on the image will take you on Figma file that contains process and all annotations.

Competitor analysis - KLM
Competitor analysis – KLM


Analysis of the biggest rival of Aer Lingus in Ireland, for more info check the slides with annotations.


It was worth even to check what flight comparison apps do better and learn something from them as well. Eg, SkyScanner is the best app in its field, with a simple and great flow for multi city trips. Click on the image will take you to Google Slides, with explanations and areas to improve that we can cover.

Competitor Analysis
Competitor Analysis – SkyScanner 



From the conducted research we were able to find the common features, and what others do right and wrong. Now, we can compare this to the Aer Lingus app to find the areas we can improve to keep up with its competitors.

    • Search for multi-trip inside the app
    • World map with possible destinations
    • Multi-trip monthly view
    • Checkout/purchase with Apple Pay/Google Pay

The analysis also showed that it would be nice to include an emotional touch to our app if we want to be better than our competitors and to get closer to our customers.


Big Ideas

Having all the features in our mind, we decided to place everything in one place and call this board “Our Big Ideas”. Even though we won’t be able to make all of these features available in or app, it will help us to see them all in one place and focus on the most important ones which would solve the problems our users had with Aer Lingus app.

Big Ideas
Our Big Ideas
Heuristics Evaluation