First, we did a complete analysis of Aer Lingus where we annotated the existing user experience on the app.

Aer Lingus - Analysis
Aer Lingus (click on the image will take you to Figma file with all details)


We wanted to develop a better empathy with our users, so we created As-Is Scenario maps which contain our users thoughts and feelings. This helped us to identify the negative feelings and see where they’re coming from.

As-Is Scenario Map for Return Flight
As-Is Scenario Map for Return Flight


As-Is Scenario map for multi-city trip
As-Is Scenario map for multi-city trip


And here is the video showing the current “As-is” journey in the app, when trying to book the return ticket.


The multi city trip booking is not available on the mobile app. Even though there is something similar on the desktop version, you cannot select more than 2 destinations and the last destination (for some strange reason) has to be in the USA.


And one more thing that made me think that there’s something definitely wrong with Aer Lingus, whether it’s app or service..

Aer Lingus
Aer Lingus interest-over-time graph; source: Google Trends
Aer Lingus Guideline
Heuristics Evaluation